A song heard, a soft word, a light seen

Thankful for this sob and chill-inducing video. Please watch this, and cry with me for the beauty of this boy’s voice and the grace of the Lord to give him a platform to rejoice. I’m sorry about all of the Christianese words in that sentence, but this really is worth watching.  

Thankful for the soft words of grace that I felt yesterday while sweeping: Mary and Martha came to my mind. While these two are a classic example in being v. doing, I am so thankful for the gentle nudge that sweeping and cleaning and micromanaging will not bring the Lord glory. Being with God and loving him and his people is so much more valuable. 

Thankful for the mornings that I get up with the light, instead of with the darkness.  A little extra sleep always helps a tired body or weary spirit. 





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