3 old things seen new

I am thankful for…

Old dreams that are renewed.  Ever since I was a child, I have loved books. At many points of my childhood, it was typical for me to read for hours and hours on end.  From Harry Potter to Sarah Dessen novels, summers were quantified by books read and hours spent reading contently in the sun. In high school, I read during class; I was especially fond of a good Jodi Picoult novel during the dull hour of Spanish. Naturally, I harbor dreams of writing my own book.  I am thankful for inspiration to keep dreaming about this. 

Monogrammed pillowcases on my bed that have faded to eggshell white and sport frayed edges and stained lace.  In particular, the one I am thinking of has been by my side (or more accurately, on my bed,) since I was a baby. It is a comfort to carry this piece of the past in to each new room and each new stage of life.

Memories of my childhood (here I go again with the nostalgia!) When I am feeling particularly burdened, when I put too much pressure on myself to perform and succeed, and when I get stuck in my own brain, these memories help me let go a little bit.  My friend asked me the other day: “Do you think a lot?” Yes, yes I do.  So I am thankful for the old image of young Hannah Grace, wearing a smocked dress and running wild in the fields, without a worry or a fear in the world.  She doesn’t think, she just lives, runs and laughs. This memory renews my heart to a place of peace and joy.  It reminds me that that little girl is me; I am still here. 




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