Grace for the weary traveler and blogger

Grace means not punishing myself for missing 10 days of blogging, and therefore choosing to rest this afternoon instead of writing 10 posts. Instead, here is a little highlight reel of gratitude:

1 gift red: As always, the top of my Nalgene water bottle, which is red and durable and has been EVERYWHERE with me. I feel lost without my hydration partner.

1 gift on paper: The thank you note I am planning on writing, which will be on paper, of course. I am thankful that I have people to write notes to; it shows that I have blessings to be thankful for.

1 gift found in writing: I am thankful for my first club talk last Monday, and the gift it was to write it out and explore the gospel in greater detail.

A gift woven: Thankful for woven stories and intersecting paths. Last Thursday, I was able to sit down for an hour with two people who mean the world to me: my Australian family.  God is so good to have provided time to connect and share in life at the NPB after not seeing each other for two years. Of course, now I am planning a return trip, a do-over if you will, to Australia.  Praying about timing and thankful, thankful, thankful for people that know and love me.

A gift at 11:30 am: Thankful for my Writing Center appointment this morning at 11:30.  Man oh man, I hope to learn how to be a better writer (or else the book I want to write in the future is going to be a struggle!)

A surprise gift of unexpected grace: A sweet reminder from an amazing man: “How do you keep whimsy in your life? Stop making it about you! Don’t call it ministry, just call it Tuesday!” Surprised to meet and hug Bob Goff, and thankful for the grace in his reminder to take the pressure off.

photo (5)

1 time you heard laughter today: Thankful for the laughter in my Advanced Composition class this morning, where we giggled while creating the “devil’s dictionary” definitions of things like the library, Schilleter, and other common Clemson things.  A few examples: “Rain”: the summoning liquid of the worm holocaust; and “Parking Services”: old men who stalk you and leave creepy notes on your windshield.


One thought on “Grace for the weary traveler and blogger

  1. I thought that was Bob Goff, Miss HG! Saw him last year here in Fort Collins.
    Glad you could go to the NPB and see your dear friends. Thankful for your lovely writing and heart as well:-) Love you! Aunt Jill

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