3 gifts in working

I am thankful for the 11 hours of sleep I got two nights ago.   My body is working even when I am sleeping — repairing muscles and tissues, organizing memories, etc.  I am thankful for that.  It is like my body is saying: “Hey, take a break for the next 6-11 hours…I’ll man the fort around here.”  Thank you, Semi-Unconscious Hannah Grace!

I am thankful for another break from working: Two snow days! Cheers to days filled with sledding, watching the Bachelor, and devouring books that I can’t put down.

Yes, my calves were very very cold.

Thankful for the rhythms of life that include work and play, stress and rest.  I love it when my life is in that flow. When I stay up late agonizing over a paper, it feels so sweet to take a nap the next day.  Hard work keeps life dynamic; it gives us  miniature trials and moments where all we can think is God, please, please help. I can’t do this on my own.


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