A gift in losing, finding, making something

I am thankful that, as the great JRR Tolkien wrote, “Not all who wander are lost.”  To be honest, I struggle with the “journey” approach to life.  Perhaps my goal-oriented mind takes over too often, telling me that the important things are the finished things: final grades, completed papers, established traditions, a completed month of being disciplined in something, a finished book.  I want to be the best me. But that involves so much pressure, so much hustle, and so much self-condemnation.

I am not supposed to have “finished” growing and arrive at a completely whole and holy life.  Jesus does not expect me to be perfect, because then I would have no need for him. Thankful for the hope of losing some burdens along the way in life.

I am thankful for finding the Hanover House on my adventure run yesterday.  It made me so curious to stumble across this sweet Dutch Colonial.


Did little kids live here?

Did they have a dog?

Did the dog have a name?

What did people name their dogs in the 1600’s?

Did this dog play in the giant expanse of woods that we now call the Botanical Gardens?

I am thankful that making things reminds me that I am made in the nature of God, a creator and artist.  (And you are, too!)  Cultivate creativity and curiosity today, friends.


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