3 gifts that were “Plan B’s”

Thankful for the view from where I currently sit.  Staying home this morning was a Plan B.  Normally, I love going to church.  But this weekend, I needed some rest and some alone time on a Sunday morning.  My room is empty, my coffee is getting cold, my pajamas are still on, and my heart is thankful. 

Thankful that I am an English major. Little known fact: I started Clemson in the nursing program.   It was just not the right fit for me, so I tried to switch to Communications.  In that process, I decided that English was where I wanted to pursue my education.  And I am thankful every single day for that, because it is challenging in a good way.  No, I am not a great writer.  No, I don’t get A’s on every paper in every class.  But I am passionate about words, and English is the Plan B that has been an incredible gift. 

Thankful that Plan B’s are a normal part of life… Life would not be interesting if all of my Plan A’s worked out all the time.


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