3 gifts redeemed

Thankful for a two hour nap from 6-8 pm on a Saturday evening, which redeemed the poor sleep I got all week.  Sometimes you just need a little cat nap to get you through the rest of your day!

Thankful for friends that are the most caring people, even for little animal friends that we pass on the way back from T.L. Hanna. Case in point: turning the car around to make sure that the horse we see in the field is not dead because it is laying down on it’s side.  Don’t worry! It was just napping, and I think it is redeemed in the way our care for it’s well-being  compensated for the lack of attention it probably receives from the random passerby.



Thankful for parents who listen to me complain about my white-girl problems, such as being anxious about the summer.  They help me realize that just because I don’t have a plan, that doesn’t mean that the Lord doesn’t have something planned for me.  Thankful for the redeeming value of beautiful conversations and hopes and dreams for the future.


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