3 gifts uncovered

Thankful for mornings that begin with reading Matthew 28:8, and the realness of the uncovered tomb and the emotions of Mary and Mary Magdalene. So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy… I just think it is really beautiful that they were feeling this way. Of course they were afraid, but of course the Lord filled them with joy even in the midst of their fear.  

Thankful for feet that stick out from my blanket, uncovered so that I don’t get hot while I sit writing this in my wedding-cake-waffle-stacked-more-comfortable-than-anything bed.Image

Thankful for opened emails and uncovered truth at 8 in the morning. Thankful for these words of wisdom and truth: “He wants you to just go around thanking him for his love and saying to yourself that you receive his love..”


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