3 gifts rising up

Thankful for the voice that is rising up inside of me, trying to fight against the lies of you are not enough, you are dirty, your sin is too much. Lately I feel like I have been crawling through life with these burdens in my backpack like ten extra textbooks.  The anxiety of school coming to an end and the do, do, do, go, go, go of it all is overwhelming my sensitive heart. So I am thankful that I am broken down, so that I can be rising up and reaching out for help.

Thankful for friends that speak truth to me that combats those lies, and for their words, rising up to my mind and taking precedence.  God is so good to give me friends who hear the crack in my voice and see the sadness in my eyes, and love me so much through it all.

Thankful for confidence that is rising up in me. Confidence to be kind to myself and listen to the Lord and ask for help and not be perfect. Confidence to take a mental health day and rest in the love of the Lord, knowing that he is enough and he has made me enough.


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