3 gifts from your childhood

Thankful for the memories of simple summers in my childhood. The days were hot and humid, as they always are in the DC area, and both the dips in the pool and ice cream cookie sandwiches were cool and refreshing.  I never felt busy or scheduled during those summers–a true gift from parents who taught us to slow down during the summers. Instead of being shuttled from camp to camp, I was free to roam the neighborhood, read Betsy and Tacy over and over, paint a book shelf or move my bed to a different wall, and tag along with my parents to cookouts and dinners with their friends.  Today, I am thankful to have the time, space and freedom to rest, and to contently revisit my summer self of years past, with the exception of re-reading Bread and Wine for the fourth time. 

Thankful for the golf cart and lighthouse haven of Bald Head Island, and for my childhood memories of searching for crabs at night and boogie-boarding with my older brother during our sacred weeks there.  When I was six, I experienced a particularly traumatic sunburn on my first day at Bald Head, and was sentenced to staying inside for the next couple days.  I still remember napping under a cool white down-comforter, with the fan blowing on my peeling pink skin and my brother bringing me cold Reese’s peanut butter cups to eat in bed.  I wouldn’t mind that set up right now, actually.

Bald head circa 1998

Thankful for another favorite simple summer of my childhood, when our dog Scout gave birth to ten puppies.  Hoping that things come full circle this summer–the new addition of Rookie Madison (another female black lab) is in the works, and I couldn’t be more excited for another summer filled with puppy-breath, walks after dinner and plenty of Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner.  

Seasons are not just coincidental changes in weather patterns or fluctuations in temperature.  I believe that the start of summer signals a chance to inhale a deep breath, reflect on the past season and thank the Lord for the blessed and extraordinary life that I live.  Then, to exhale and relax, big time.  I have no agenda for my summer, aside from centering my heart on the Lord’s provision of rest and peace and rejuvenation.  This is my simple summer of celebrating the everyday joys and gifts, along with plenty of sun-soaked mid-afternoon naps. 


One thought on “3 gifts from your childhood

  1. Loved reading this, Hannah! It makes me nostalgic as well for the lazy days of summer with young ones at home….what a blessing that you look back on it so fondly ! I need to find out more about the upcoming addition of Rockie…love the name for a whole host of reasons;)). Relax and have the summer of your dreams, HG! Xoxoxo

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