Three gifts found in little people

My simple summer is off to a restful and gratifying start. So far it’s been a summer of:

Baking for friends–Foster’s Market “Country Muffins”– coconut, apples, carrots, dried cranberries and walnuts inside. Mm.


Baby bumps and feeling kicks. 

And… so much coffee. So much.  I’m not much of a road warrior, so my drive from Durham to Home required a giant mason jar filled with at least 4 shots of espresso, and I still had to blast the AC while wearing a fleece so that I stayed awake. 



So back to my gifts in little people.  During my simple summer, I am babysitting a good bit.  And little people season my days with joy. 

Thankful for little ones that make chubby cheeks and chunky thighs so. dang. cute. 

Thankful for little people that love their naps and take a while to ease back into life when they wake up.  I am the same way. After I nap, I probably don’t want to talk to you (or anyone) for at least half an hour. 

Thankful for one little person who gets so excited to see her mama that she squeals for joy when she hears her coming through the garage.  I hope my littles feel that way about me someday!


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