3 gifts hard giving thanks for

Thankful for the birds that chirp excitedly about a new day outside of my window each morning, starting at approximately 5 am. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but it’s hard to be a light sleeper and harder to be thankful for less sleep than I feel I deserve or need.  When the birds woke me up this morning, I naturally put on a sleep mask and covered my face with a pillow to block out the chirping and the trill of a birdsong and brightness of light that streams in through my closed blinds.  This posture did not, in fact, lull me back into my active dream life. Instead, I began listening to another Shauna Niequist book on my phone (I know, I know, I’m obsessed) to which my mother barged into my room, further stirring me, because she was confused as to why I was covered in pillows and listening to a book at 6:35 in the morning.  But despite the disruptions to a typically peaceful time of day, I am thankful for the moments I spent lying in bed with my dear mother, catching up on what happened during the 4 hours we were apart last night. Sigh. My life is not terribly hard.

Thankful for the gift of doing something hard in our culture: saying no.  And I don’t mean saying no to a coffee date with a friend or a babysitting job.  Saying no to a summer experience that should have been right, that should be rewarding, that should bring me closer to Jesus and make me a better person and create a whole slew of new friendships. But to say yes to God’s call to rest in my bed and in my home and in His presence, I had to say that hard no, and I am thankful now that he guided me to that place of boldness and this place of peace.

Thankful for the afternoons I have spent hard at work pulling weeds in my yard lately, and for the gratifying feeling of dirt under my fingers and a sore back and heightened allergies. All of this because I love that it all began in the garden, and that I feel a God-breathed connection to His creation and His intention for His people when I am wrestling the roots of weeds from the soil.


One thought on “3 gifts hard giving thanks for

  1. For the record… your mother apologizes for “barging into” your room when en route to the laundry room…!

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