3 gifts summer (and I’m back!)

Ann Voskamp’s blog reminded me of two things today:

1. Summer is over, and with the ending of this season comes the start of something fresh and beautiful and crisp and new.  She writes that September 1st is the new January 1st.  So today, I’m back at it with the blog because it is the start of a new season of my life.

2. The joy dare that I have hiccuped my way through this past year is not intended to be a burden or an obligation. It is not a to do list item or a piece of homework that I write down in my planner. No.  The beauty of the practice of gratitude is that there is freedom in it; Ann writes that it is a scavenger hunt for glimpses of God’s glory.  I can do scavenger hunts, especially when God’s glory is involved.

With that, here are three gifts summer:

Thankful for new friends in a city that loves new people (and new coffee shops). It’s never too late to experience your first Capitol Fourth, even as a native.

Thankful for another family trip to Bald Head Island, with my dear friend Maggie in tow.  There really is nothing better than bike rides, laughter and ice cream every day.

Thankful for a new dream put in my heart this summer. Excited to see where my path is guided, and I sure hope it involves the Rocky Mountain State. 


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