Why Happy Hannah Grace?


Hannah means grace, and I (should) have a double dose of it because my name is Hannah Grace. Gulp. Need to start taking my daily dose along with the nyquil that helps me sleep at night.

God gives us thousands of gifts a day, and my mission here is to simply document the little happies that make each day purposeful and grace-filled.  Thanks for humoring me with my little experiment… I’m on the road to documenting one thousand gifts (inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book of the same name).

Here’s to a happier semester, a happier campus, and a happier Hannah Grace.


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One thought on “Why Happy Hannah Grace?

  1. Hannah- You are a gift to me! And many many others! I’ve just started reading Ann Voskamp’s blog. Loved her book and just discovered the blog-did you know she has piano music playing in the background as you read the bog? that’s a gift! Especially for one who longs for a piano in her home! Blessings to you sweet Hannah! Love,

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